A single axle tractor for the garden which model is better?

Light class single axle tractors

If the amount of work in the countryside is not great. you only need to plow a few acres once a year. then it makes sense to give preference to lightweight. They can not boast of high power, and the functionality is limited in most cases. But their price can pleasantly surprise even the most economical buyer. And the low weight greatly facilitates the process of loading and working with the tractor.


Gasoline model with manual transmission. Suitable for cultivation of small areas previously cultivated.

Possibility to choose the right gear type from 6 available.

To improve the functionality of the machine, it is recommended to use lightweight attachments.

  • Width of cultivation. 100 cm;
  • 6 cutters;
  • Engine type. four-stroke with a volume of 198 cubic meters. cm, power. 7 l. с.;
  • type of gearbox. chain;
  • equipped with a reverser, pneumatic wheels with a height of 8″ and a width of 4″;
  • Fuel tank volume. 3, 6 l;
  • weight. 78 kg.
  • sturdy construction;
  • Sharp burrs, which do not require frequent sharpening and replacement;
  • Reducing the time for plowing the garden, cottage land;
  • durability of the structural elements;
  • quiet operation;
  • affordable price.


single, axle, tractor, garden

Gasoline unit with a chain reducer and 7 liter engine. с. Tillage depth up to 0.3 m, cultivation width 0.85 m.

Two forward and one reverse gear for ease of operation. Can reach speeds of up to 7.7 km / h, which is slightly faster than the speed of a pedestrian. It is possible to hitch a shopping cart to the tiller. The power tiller comes with fenders and a spark plug wrench. The machine weight is 73 kg.


Designed for cultivation, cultivation of the land in the homestead plots. This model is the most powerful in the Aurora range. Equipped with a three-speed transmission, one reverse and two forward speeds. Economical fuel consumption, large tank capacity permits long periods of operation without refuelling. Working area width: 800-1350 mm. Depth: 30 cm. Due to the weight of 117 kg. Works with a plow without additional weighting.

  • Robust protection. there is a front bumper that covers the wheels and engine, preventing bumps and stones.
  • Good all-terrain mobility.
  • Convenient. 360° adjustable tiller handles and anti-slip rubber pads.
  • Safe work of the operator. the cultivator is equipped with good rubber mudguards, which prevent the soil from falling from under the wheels on the person.
weights 120 kg
Engine H186FD
Dimensions 1030x570x880
Electric start It has
Plowing depth 25 cm
Ploughing width 135 cm
Speeds 3
Engine manufacturer Shineray
  • Three speed gearbox;
  • long service life;
  • Securely locked wheels, hexagonal axles;
  • Possibility to equip the unit with a plow, cart;
  • Sturdy cast iron gear housing protects against rocks.

Mobil K MKM-3 PRO

Versatile, multifunctional, but the lightest singleaxle tractor (69 kg), used for all kinds of work. Saw blades and chain saws are much more expensive, but they are also safer for chain saws, such as removing snow from the ground, pumping water for watering plants, pulling weeds from seedbeds, weeding, plowing soil, etc.д. Each individual function has its own attachment that must be purchased separately.

Powerful motor and three-speed gearbox give good performance. Innovative “zero-balance” technology prevents the machine from digging into the ground and hanging in one place. Ensures the smooth, independent movement of the machine and its stability.

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The unit is equipped with self-sharpening power tillers. The handle changes position both horizontally and vertically. Very comfortable even for people of short stature. Two transport wheels on the back of the body ensure the machine’s weight is distributed evenly and can be transported without any strain on the human organs.

  • Low weight among similar products.
  • Multifunctionality.
  • Durable cutter bar hardened by high-frequency currents.
  • Variable steering system in both horizontal and vertical planes.
  • High noise level during operation.

But despite the advantages of lightweight power tillers, the most popular were and remain analogues of the middle class. A good compromise between price and power, as well as functionality, makes them a great buy for most users. That is why this category of equipment received the most attention.


Buyers looking for an inexpensive mid-range single-axle tractor are sure to like this model. Power output of this model is rather high. 7 hp, which is quite enough for plowing quite a large area. In addition, the width of cultivation is 83 cm, so you do not have to spend extra time, plow it. Four forward gears allow you to choose the most suitable option to work on a particular plot, with individual terrain and features. And the reverser allows you to bypass an obstacle, free the cutters from foreign objects and simply makes the work more comfortable. It’s nice that the noise level here is not too high. only 78 dB. So it is safe to say that even if this is not the best singleaxle tractor among inexpensive models, it is definitely one of them.

  • powerful 4-stroke engine;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • low noise level at work;
  • five speeds;
  • affordable price;
  • ergonomic handle.


This unit will ensure reliable operation even in extreme conditions. Plow the ground after the rain? No problem for the PATRIOT Ural cultivator. The device will become an indispensable assistant in the countryside or in the industrial cultivation of the land. Allows the installation of attachments, both domestic and foreign production.

  • Extreme wheels, 50 cm in diameter with aggressive tread and high passability, can pass on a variety of terrain, do not sink in wet ground.
  • Powerful engine with which it is possible to process 1 hectare of land in one pass.
  • Reinforced frame design, makes the machine safe in case of a fall or rollover.
  • Easy throttle and gear shift on steering wheel.
  • Quality guarantee from the manufacturer. All machines are tested before sale.
Weight 105 kg
Engine Patriot P175FC
Plowing depth 30 cm
Plowing width 90 cm
Power 7.8 л.с
Fuel tank 3.5 л
Transmission 4 speeds front, 2 rear
  • Large size pneumatic wheels, provide an excellent traction;
  • metal mudguards, for protection against dirt;
  • Build quality, rated by users on many resources;
  • Convenient gearshift knobs.

Champion DC1163E

Russia. Home of the brand;

2005 International 8600 Single axle tractor for sale. CHEAP!!

Made in China

Similar in technical characteristics to Aurora, but at a lower price. The main purpose of this machine is to plow through virgin land. Due to the high weight of 141 kg and the large diameter of the wheels, coupling with the ground is good, no problems to overcome any irregularities and bumps.

  • Plowing depth varies from 10 to 30 cm;
  • Safety for the operator through overhead wings over the wheels;
  • Powerful pneumatic wheels provide good cross-country ability;
  • Handy handle for adjustment and control;
  • Possibility of using additional equipment. haymower, motor pump, potato shovel, plough, wing butt;
  • Complete with manual and electric starter.
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Weight 141 kg
Engine Champion D300-1HK
Dimensions 1800x1100x800
Electric start Yes
Plowing depth 30 cm
Plowing width 110 cm
Speeds 3
Engine manufacturer Champion
  • Economical, durable diesel engine;
  • availability of manual and electric starter;
  • muffler and parking brake, which is famous for more expensive units;
  • multifunctional.

Neva MB-23B-10.0

Small agricultural machinery is designed for increased loads and can be used to lift virgin land, work on compacted soil.

Reliable and efficient 10.06 l engine.с. Shows great performance. The mounting of 8 tillers increases the working width to 1.7 m. To make a U-turn on a small area, you can disengage the left wheel of the machine.

General characteristics

Even on a small plot of land during the year it is necessary to perform a lot of different works. Driveway and footpath maintenance is supplemented by planting and lawn mowing. To reduce the physical effort, outside workers can be hired. But in this case you have to count on extra costs, control the performance of tasks.

In order to put this useful rule into practice without any extra difficulties, it is necessary to buy a powerful single-axle tractor. Learning to operate it is not difficult, because the manufacturers create such equipment with domestic use in mind. It features good ergonomics, minimal regular maintenance requirements.

The machine and trailer are designed for transporting heavy and bulky loads over long distances

Design and equipment

The diagram shows a simple but perfectly workable design. This example can be used to examine the functionality of the individual parts:

  • 1. gasoline engine.
  • 2. folding stand. It provides stability in stationary position. Arrows indicate translation to upright position when driving.
  • 3. exhaust air resonator housing.
  • 4. lever suspension.
  • 5, 6, and 8. drive and idler sprocket, chain.
  • Here is a standard rubber tire (9) of appropriate size. To improve off-road performance, a detachable traction belt (7) is used.
  • 10. Cultivator. It is locked in place with a bracket (13) and a bolt (14). If necessary, this unit is used for rigid connection of other attachments.
  • 11, 12, 15, 16 and 16. metal elements of the power frame.
  • The fuel tank (18) is followed by a filter (19) that retains mechanical impurities.
  • 20. Motor air filter.

“Splash guards” are useful when working in difficult weather conditions

Modern models are more complex, but more user-friendly. They are equipped as follows:

  • Gearboxes are installed for moving at an optimum speed and applying the necessary torque.
  • Brake actuators are installed on the handles.
  • The built-in headlight makes it easier to work at night.
  • Electric starter is added to the heaviest engines.
  • Height-adjustable frame with handles for easy selection of a comfortable operating position.

Important! Heavy-duty power unit in singleaxle tractor with spur gearbox and disc clutch. This configuration ensures comfortable operation, durability, reliability.

Lightweight equipment is able to perform heavy operations

If the size of the land plot does not exceed 12-16 acres, it will be enough to buy a technique with an engine up to 4-6 liters. с. Such equipment weighs from 40 to 70 kg and has a relatively small overall dimensions. It is not difficult to find a free place for its storage in a dacha outbuilding.

Such equipment is not adapted to reproduce heavy agricultural operations. The depth of tillage does not exceed 20-30 cm. As a rule, it is equipped with 2-3 front and 1 rear speed. The basic configuration of inexpensive offers on the market. minimum. Therefore, it is necessary to check what additional attachments can be purchased and used if necessary.

The most reliable and popular cultivators and power tillers. In our review, we will tell you about the models of different manufacturers, as well as their characteristics and capabilities, which will allow you to make the right choice from the variety of equipment.

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Mid-range versatility

  • 6 to 9 hp. с.;
  • tillage depth. more than 30 cm;
  • weight. from 70 to 140 kg;
  • number of forward/reverse gears 2-3/1-2.

Mid-range equipment can be used in conjunction with a trailer

Such equipment can be used for transporting loads of up to 400-500 kg.

What do you need heavy gasoline power tillers for?

Such a combination transforms the machine into a full tractor

This class of power tillers weighs from 120 to 200 kg. They are equipped with 8-15 hp engines. с. The power unit is combined with a mechanical gearbox (2-6 gears forward). This is quite sufficient for cultivating difficult soil types with a working width of the harrow or other unit of up to 100 cm or more. It is clear, that in this case the speed of work performance increases significantly. Large motors have a relatively long service life compared to compact units. The disadvantages include the following items:

Heavy duty diesel power tillers with universal joint shaft

If such a unit is available, it can be connected to a variety of external devices.

The power take-off shaft can be connected to a potato puller or other specialised equipment

High torque diesel power tillers are well suited for heavy work. They do not consume much fuel and maintain their performance for many years. For objectivity, below are the disadvantages in comparison with gasoline counterparts:

  • noisiness;
  • Difficulty in starting in winter;
  • The need to use expensive fuel (special additives) at temperatures below 0°C;
  • High initial cost, more expensive repairs and maintenance.

Additional equipment for a heavy power tiller

Review of the 21 best power tillers for dacha work

There are now many brands and models on the market.

With a variety of configurations and technical features. This abundance makes it very difficult to choose a good machine that will be worth your money. Especially for this we have compiled a rating of 10 best power tillers, comparing them by engine type, weight class and price. And at the end they introduced the best manufacturers in this segment.

The most powerful and fastest

For big fields you need a powerful single axle tractor that can quickly handle a huge amount of work without breaking a sweat. These are the models we studied for the next review, and we will consider the top three leaders more thoroughly together with you.

Neva MB-23B-10.0

Powerful model is suitable for all types of soil, including virgin soil. The set includes 6 tillers, and other equipment (mower, shovel, etc.) can be easily changed. д.) you can always buy more. It is difficult to reach the gear lever from the trailer, and there is no support to conveniently change wheels to cutters.

Huter MK-11000(M)

An inexpensive singleaxle tractor with a powerful gasoline engine and wide wheels goes well on ploughed land, and pulls a loaded trailer after itself. Categorised as a heavy cultivator, its weight is 140 kg. The cutters are curved, with a good penetration. Only 3 speeds (1 rear), without downshifting.

Celina MB-1301

This is the most powerful model in the rating, but it has “roaches” of its own. For example, after the purchase it is necessary to check how all knots are tightened and retighten them by yourself. The second one is to buy the attachments, because there are not even cutters, but there are reamers. the important element, without which the singleaxle tractor turns into a wobble-head.

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