115 angle grinder with variable speed


Model DeWALT DWE 4150 with power 900 W and 11800 rpm has a good ergonomic housing and low-profile design. Dimensions. 390120150 mm. Brush holder is spring loaded and independent, which increases the service life of brushes.

  • Lightweight and easy-to-use.
  • Robust, able to withstand considerable loads.
  • Powerful as specified by the manufacturer
  • Moderately noisy.
  • The motor anchor has a protective epoxy coating that protects the motor from dust.
  • Self-disconnecting brushes, prevents damage to the armature.
  • Low vibration level.
  • Weak side handle.
  • Short power cord.
  • Disc mount is non-standard, with hexagonal socket. Can be uncomfortable at first time of use.

Conclusion. The uses of this angle grinder are chores around the house or small production. Good for use in areas where precision work and bodywork is required. Top spindle lock button for maximum cutting depth.

BlackDecker G650

Power of the BlackDecker G650 is 650 W, 11000 rpm. Dimensions: 310134115 mm. Body thickness is slightly thicker than standard, but weighs only 1.84 kg. Handle is 2-step, can be set for left or right hand operation. Standard spindle lock for disc replacement.

  • Combination of ergonomics and weight.
  • Quiet motor operation.
  • Soft start, no jerking motion.
  • Comfortable in your hand.
  • Sufficient power.
  • Good vibration damping.
  • Short power cord.
  • Slim plastic handle.
  • According to reviews, in rare cases there is no lubrication on the gear wheels, if when you turn on the gear is very noisy, you need to disassemble the tool and lubricate gears or exchange under warranty.
  • No speed control, the start button is wobbly but responsive.

Conclusion. This angle grinder is a good option for the DIYer, for short-term use. It is not recommended to use it in production because of its low durability. With timely prevention and repair will last a long time. Power cord can be extended for convenience. After purchase, it is recommended to check the model. during operation there should be no loud noise and unpleasant odor.

The best angle grinder with 115 mm disc

This machine is used for grinding and wire cutting. The best in this segment are tools with a maximum speed of 11,000 rpm and higher. Maximum cutting depth is 25 mm.


angle grinder with 115 mm disc. The body does not slip in your hand, the plastic quality. The device is painted in the corporate yellow color, but it is not durable, after just a few days of use it fades. 710 Watt is powerful enough for simple tasks in the home workshop. Spindle lock and power-on lockout button protects the owner from accidental injury. The machine is not heated, the design is standard, as in most modern lathes. According to reviews of owners rather noisy.

There is oil in the gearbox, but not much, so it is recommended to lubricate the tool immediately after purchase.

Zubr angle grinder-115-800 M3

This model is a very good angle grinder in the segment of low-cost models. Produced in China by order of a Russian company. The weight of the product when in working condition is 2.4 kg, the weight is distributed optimally. The product has a five-year warranty, and it can be returned within 60 days. Gear housing is made of aluminum, it conducts heat well. According to reviews excellent cuts both metal, tile and laminate.

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The owner is pleased with the equipment, there is an additional handle, two wrenches and a protective cover.

VICHR angle grinder-115/650

Good household angle grinder, the power is only 650 watts, but for garage works will do. The power button is located on top of the body. it is convenient, no need to change the position of your hands when polishing and cleaning surfaces to turn off the tool. The handle can be set in two positions. The air ducts are moved to the edge of the body, they are not covered when gripping even a large hand. According to owners, the device is inexpensive, reliable and convenient to use. Some complain about the poor quality of the cord: it is short and badly bent.

The screws are made of soft metal, if you need to open the housing do it carefully.

battery-powered angle grinder angle grinder with adjustable speed. which one to choose? advantages, characteristics

Any tool shows a number of advantages, advantages, grinders are no exception. The first thing to note is that the range in question uses a self-contained battery power supply. This results in several features at once:

  • Mobile, portable. You can use it regardless of conditions, in remote areas. The wire won’t interfere with its manipulation in space, since there is simply no wire. Akb makes the model mobile, autonomous, you can successfully start the task even in the absence of the network.
  • Engine power, battery capacity.
  • Reliable, high capacity battery will unleash the full potential of the engine. Provides long hours of use based on battery capacity. In addition, this angle grinder with adjustable speed can be used in any way, its power elements are not afraid of deep discharge, overcharging, memory effect, if it is a lithium energy cells.

Focusing on the range, which is now presented on the site of our store, it is possible to identify a number of advantages, which please most of them:

  • Control ergonomics. The regulator is located so that you can use it at any time.
  • Snap start button for continuous uninterrupted use.
  • The housing, protected from dust, shavings, abrasive grit.
  • Shockproof design for normal use.
  • Symmetrical body, the possibility of installing an additional handle in several positions convenient angle grinder for right-handed, left-handed.
  • Ability to select the optimum load on the motor, gearbox, allows for normal conditions of use.
  • Compact size, ergonomic design facilitates comfortable use, even overhead.
  • A metal cover is used to direct the main flow of sparks away from the master. This increases comfort, safety during sanding, will allow better control of the tool itself.
  • The manufacturer always takes care to ensure normal engine cooling, allowing you to perform tasks normally without resting.

The New Kewei KW-115A Variable Speed Multi-Purpose Angle Grinder

Angle grinder with adjustable speed: models, characteristics, subtleties of choice

Every craftsman has such a reliable tool at hand, as an angle grinder. With this device, you can not only perform a high-quality cutting of material, grinding the surface, but also sharpen kitchen knives. Since certain types of work require a minimum rotation of the disc, it is recommended to buy a machine with the presence of speed regulation.

Criteria for choosing a good angle grinder

Before buying, it is necessary to study the main characteristics of the tool. To select the best grinders, the diameter of the disc, intensity and speed indicators, all possible types of protection are necessarily taken into account. It is also necessary to understand how much electricity the machine will consume, it is better to choose the most profitable option with its savings.

Disc diameter

The disc is considered the main consumable responsible for cutting, polishing and cleaning. Manufacturers offer five varieties:

  • Up to 115 millimeters. the minimum size is used for grinding and small jobs;
  • 125 millimeters. a popular diameter household tool, cuts to a depth of 40 mm, cuts almost all types of materials;
  • 150 millimeters. used for brick, concrete surfaces, metal pipes;
  • 180 millimeters. suitable for construction and repair procedures.
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Interesting! The disc with a diameter of 230 millimeters is suitable for equipment designed for commercial purposes. On its size depends on the weight of the equipment in assembled form.

angle, grinder, speed


It provides stable functionality of the machine, it helps the equipment to work without interruption. For home purposes, equipment with an intensity of 600 to 900 watts is used. For complex or prolonged activities, you will need a tool with values from 1.5 watt.

angle, grinder, speed


Spindle speed depends on the volume of the disc:

Please note! A good plough has a manual regulator that allows to decrease the rotation speed of the spindle.

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Number of handles

Provides more convenience and safety; units are available with one or two handles. The first option is found in home and commercial angle grinder, the second. in heavy-duty versions for mass treatment of surfaces.

Smooth startup

Increases blade speed in stages, reducing network loading during startup. No starting jerk extends the life of the gearbox.

Variable Speed Grinders. How to extend their life

Automatic speed control

Features necessary to reduce the speed of the blade during heavy-duty applications. Suitable for grinding metal or concrete surfaces.

Restart protection

Functionality provides safety in case of an accidental power outage. Equipment will not be able to turn on by itself, even if the start button is activated.

Jamming protection

Allows for instant stopping of a running motor. System protects the craftsman from backlash if the blade is accidentally jammed while cutting metal.

Fall Protection

Sensor automatically shuts off the tool if it falls. Functionality protects all persons in the immediate vicinity from injury. Operating equipment can travel long distances after it hits the floor.

Important! Fall protection. a guarantee for worker safety.

Vibration damping

The anti-vibration handle or system can be used in the equipment. They help extend the tool’s life without interruption by almost 2 times. System function is realized through counterweights.

Electric brake

Functions are present in some varieties of equipment. It stops the spindle immediately, preventing it from spinning at idle speed.

Interesting! Equipment without an electric brake does not shut down immediately, but slows down gradually, generating the rest of the energy. At this time, the tool can slip on the surface, injuring the operator.

angle, grinder, speed

Overload protection

Designed to prevent overheating. If the machine is in danger of breaking during operation due to excessive force, the electronics will automatically shut it down.

Additional features

Manufacturers can embed in the equipment:

  • Dust protection that extends the life of the tool when working with grinding stones or scraping metal;
  • auto-balancing. when using circles with a diameter greater than 180 millimeters, auto function prevents misalignment of the center from the axis of rotation.

Please note! Secondary functionality depends on the type of tool. Before buying you need to study all the features of the machine and its capabilities.

Selection criteria

Among the wide range of angle grinders, it is not easy to choose the right tool. That’s why experts advise you to look for the following criteria when buying an assistant.


Such tool is sold with a manufacturer’s warranty. In large cities there are service centers for maintenance and repair of modern equipment.


Models with different types of power are available:

Pneumatic devices are used in workshops and large enterprises. In the household, such a tool will be expensive because of the need to connect to a compressor. And working with it requires a certain amount of skill.

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affordable are considered mains and battery-powered machines. The first option is distinguished by a wide power range, high performance, multifunctionality.

Less powerful are battery-powered models. But their main advantage is energy independence, which is important for repairs outside the availability of electricity.

Power, W

The range of this indicator is 0.6-2.7 kW. Low-power devices are typically characterized by low functionality. It is not recommended for continuous processing of workpieces. For hard materials (e.g. stones, pipes, etc.) the tool must have a power of 0.7 to 1.0 kW.) machines from 2 kW are required, for grinding and cutting thin-walled workpieces a grinding power of 0.7 to 1.0 kW is sufficient.

The power level determines the tool’s service life.

choose an angle grinder on the basis of the difficulty of the work, the hardness of the material and the operating time. The diameter of the cutting disc is also taken into account.

Max. disc speed, rpm

This parameter indicates the number of spindle revolutions per minute. RPM range from 2,8 to 11,000 rpm. RPMs are dependent on disc diameter (the smaller the disc, the higher the RPMs). Maximum spindle speed is indicated on each tool. exceeding this value increases the risk of breakage of the angle grinder or deformation of the attachment.

Almost every model has a disc speed regulator. When changing tooling it is necessary to check its setting, if necessary to increase or decrease the number of revolutions. The maximum speed can reach 11,500-15,000 rpm.

Max. disc diameter, mm

This parameter is one of the key parameters that predetermine the choice of one or another model of angle grinder. Knowing this information, you can determine how thick the material can cope with the machine. Range of wheel diameters. from 115 to 230 mm.

The disc diameter must be selected in accordance with the power of the tool. The device with a 115 mm wheel is suitable for simple works (mainly for surface grinding). Power is sufficient for 0.6-1.0 kW.

information on how to choose a diamond disc for angle grinder

125 mm discs are used for grinding and cutting. Models have a power output of between 0.75 and 1.5 kW. But they cannot handle thick materials. It is better to use an angle grinder with parameters:

The most durable disc has a diameter of 230 mm. It easily passes thick-walled workpieces, natural stone, pipes, etc. For grinding works, the product is not used for cutting, due to the inconsistency between the parameters of the machine and the characteristics of the wheel.

Number of discs

The classic version of the angle grinder is equipped with one disc. There are devices with two circles among modern models. At the same time, they can have different seating diameters and counter rotation. the advantages of this type of tool are as follows

  • a smoother cut;
  • less sparks are formed when cutting metal;
  • longer service life of the circles;
  • ease of cutting;
  • There is practically no vibration in operation.

Weight, kg

This parameter has an impact on the convenience of the work angle grinder. Household models with minimum functionality weigh 0.8-1.4 kg. The more productive tool is heavier due to the powerful motor and accessories. However, to manage, albeit a smart, but heavy angle grinder is very difficult, quickly get tired hands.

Is this functionality available?

Professional models are equipped with additional options, expanding the range of use of angle grinder. Among the features:

  • overload protection;
  • speed stabilization system;
  • speed control;
  • dust collector;
  • auxiliary handle;
  • included case.

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